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fs quote_botton INTERVIEW with Florian on Seeking, Awakening
     and Trauma-Integration by L'ANIMAle, Italy 2016

In this 16 min video interview Florian talks about the process of seeking, who and what is seeking, about awakening and the importance and significance of trauma-integration on the journey of EMBODYING CONSCIOUNESS in daily life and our relationships. The interview was taken by Shakti Caterina Maggi during the SAND Italy conference in July 2016. The video is in ENGLISH with ITALIAN SUBTITLES.



fs quote_botton Florian @ Science & Non-Duality Conference Italy, 2016

In this 1 hour video Florian speaks about Consciousness, the functioning of attention, focusing and de-focusing of attention, embodiment, trauma integration, meeting and resting as Consciousness and being oneSELF. This introduction covers most of his unique invitation, offer and take on contemporary Non-Duality. Thank you to the SAND team for providing this video.




fs quote_botton Being the space for all of life

"We are THAT in which all of life, the whole universe, time and space and this moment including the experience of the body appears." 
Florian Schlosser



fs quote_botton LOVE IS (Love is in the House Remix)

This is the first REMIX of 'LOVE IS', a song from the 2014 EP 'PATHLESS' of Sound Of Truth feat Bilonda. This Remix is not offically released yet, but soon will be. So your feedbacks, likes & dislikes and comments are most welcomed. Love is, Florian 




fs quote_botton Daily Sharing 

"There is nothing to do to BE AWARE. It is already. If 'we' gently shift your attention to the SPACE in which the 'sense of I', the body with all its experiences and the whole universe appear, we realize: I AM that SPACE.

From this very moment onwards all that is needed is to give the body & nervous system time to adjust. It gradually learns to be capable of allowing all of life to BE IN YOU most intimately. This IS non-separation or non-duality. ENJOY." 

LOVE IS. Florian fs quote_botton



fs quote_botton This is a live reading of Florian from his book BEING

(recorded during a public meeting in London, UK)
You are most wecome to download it for free. Enjoy it.




9 April 2019 to 30 August 2019
(international group)
contact & registration: Anna Pittman
email: amulya@thebreathingspace.org

July 2019 to Dec 2019
(exact dates will be coming soon)
(grupo brasileiro) 
contact & registration: Ivana Portella
email: hermes61@hotmail.com
cel/zap: +55 61 98240-0161

30 May to 2 June 2019
Weekend Intensive in BRAZIL
Intensivo de fim de semana no BRAZIL
Saõ Paulo, SP
contact & registration: Ivana Portella
email: hermes61@hotmail.com
cel/zap: +55 61 98240-0161

11 to 15 June 2019
Encontros públicos + Intensivo
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
contact & registration: Vera Brinkerhoff
email: verabrink@gmail.com
cel/zap: +55 21 99159-4265

17 to 23 June 2019
6-Day Silent Retreat in BRAZIL
Retiro de 6 dias no BRAZIL
Brasilia, DF
contact & registration: Ivana Portella
email: hermes61@hotmail.com
cel/zap: +55 61 98240-0161

30 Oct to 3 Nov 2019
Meetings @ Advaita Congress
Schloss Thalheim,
near Vienna, Austria
Info: www.advaitacongress.com

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SER - Conversações Sober A Consciência (português)
Florian Schlosser

"Não é o que eu sou. O ser é.
Não é o que eu faço. A atividade age."

Esté um livro sobre a não-dualidade e o não-fazer, sobre você e eu e a verdade de que não somos dois.

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Sound Of Truth feat Bilonda
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Latest Video of Florian

Natural Presence, Being Embodied

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Interview on Sience & Non-Duality
SAND10 Conference
San Rafael, CA, USA


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