In April 2000 there awoke in Florian the timeless recognition of being consciousness as the only reality. It was the fundamental realisation that there are not “inside” and “outside” worlds which exist separately from each other.

Florian describes it this way:

“In waking up to the reality of now, there is synchronicity. The wakefulness of your true being penetrates every layer of the personality in each moment. Then there is only one. It is not truth versus personality. It is one. The personality then functions in a different way; things come to peace that have not been at peace before, and the truth that was caged is set free like a flying bird.“

During the course of the following 12 years, there began a profound integration of that ultimate shift in consciousness into the body, accompanied by an ongoing transformation of the entire nervous and cellular system.

In his widely-appreciated, unique approach Florian invites people around the world to include all aspects of human life, and finally to be a mature and integrated embodiment of consciousness in daily life.


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SER - Conversações Sober A Consciência (português)
Florian Schlosser

"Não é o que eu sou. O ser é.
Não é o que eu faço. A atividade age."

Esté um livro sobre a não-dualidade e o não-fazer, sobre você e eu e a verdade de que não somos dois.

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Latest Music CD Release

Sound Of Truth feat Bilonda
EP Pathless (released Jan 2014)

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Latest Video of Florian

Natural Presence, Being Embodied

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Interview on Sience & Non-Duality
SAND10 Conference
San Rafael, CA, USA