Non-Dual Transpersonal Therapist Training

„There is only one healing that can ever happen,

and that is inside of yourSELF.“
Florian Schlosser

Part 1 KNOWING who you are

In the first part of this specially designed training program we will explore who we really are, beyond mental, spiritual or psychological concepts or accumulated knowledge. We together will experientially see and recognise who is the experiencer, and what is experience itself - independently of the actual content of experience. The direct experience of the ever present, underlying source of all BEING will naturally reveal the value, but also the limitations of all psychological or spiritual methods and techniques. What remains IS YOU - free and untouched - not being separate from any object which is experienced IN you.

Part 2 MEETING the other as your own experience

In the second part we will playfully explore fundamental distinctions. Subtle but crucial nuances connected with experiencing, perceiving, sensing and meeting will reveal. We will be empowered to experience without labeling, interpreting or trying to understand what is happening. For this we learn to include the whole body while BEING PRESENT with an apparantely ,other person‘. This embodied quality of being enables us to let in the present moment with the entire nervous system. Therefor we practice to sense and utilize the body‘s natural somatic response and feedback to what is. Instead of perceiving ,the other‘ as external, we fully meet WHAT IS as our own internal experience.

Part 3 RESTING as Consciousness in the body

In the third part of the training the emphasis is BEING CONNECTED. Without the habitual effort of trying to connect, resting into non-separation unfolds as the natural state. With the willingness to feel and recognize everyTHING and everyBODY as our own experience, we can finally rest as consciousness in the body. In knowing that ,place‘ where there already IS connection, any unnecessary effort, urge and attempt to make up a connection drops away. The nervous system can let go of deeply rooted activity, which created the delusion of a ,sense of I‘. That showed up as ,me‘ doing, healing, supporting, facilitating or being stressed etc. Instead of operating from activation, we EXPERIENCE TOGETHER whatever is as IT IS. This creates an space of natural safety, relaxation and genuine compassion. Facilitating is finally replaced by BEING LOVE.



9 April 2019 to 30 August 2019
(international group)
contact & registration: Anna Pittman

July 2019 to Dec 2019
(exact dates will be coming soon)
(grupo brasileiro) 
contact & registration: Ivana Portella
cel/zap: +55 61 98240-0161

30 May to 2 June 2019
Weekend Intensive in BRAZIL
Intensivo de fim de semana no BRAZIL
Saõ Paulo, SP
contact & registration: Ivana Portella
cel/zap: +55 61 98240-0161

11 to 15 June 2019
Encontros públicos + Intensivo
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
contact & registration: Vera Brinkerhoff
cel/zap: +55 21 99159-4265

17 to 23 June 2019
6-Day Silent Retreat in BRAZIL
Retiro de 6 dias no BRAZIL
Brasilia, DF
contact & registration: Ivana Portella
cel/zap: +55 61 98240-0161

30 Oct to 3 Nov 2019
Meetings @ Advaita Congress
Schloss Thalheim,
near Vienna, Austria

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