Once you know the sky is blue, there is no way to believe it to be different. No matter how hard someone tries to convince you, you know: the sky is blue.

That is what I became to see. All there is is consciousness. That is my true self in which experience, sensation and emotion arise, are felt and come to peace.

No matter how hard the mind, conditioning, old habits and believes try to convince me otherwise, there is a doubtless knowing of that truth.

Being together in truth to me means: fully being myself and inviting you to be yourself. In this honesty we can meet as who we are with whatever is experienced in this very moment.

In all of us unconscious patterns and habbits play. Fear, stress and unconsicous believes cause difficulties in our lives, especially with those we love the most. To become aware of that and to meet this in the body with an open heart is truly transformative. It wakes us up to what so far has been invisible for us.

An opportunity opens up in being together: the recognition that this functioning appears to be personal, but really is impersonal. The end of shame, blame and guilt. And the beginning of the possibility to meet with understanding: myself and you.

That is my love and invitation.

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