To me it is amazing to still find an open heart when I hear what people have gone through in their life.

I am aware that it isn't so much the big events that make us who we are today, but the energy we grew up in and the broad spectrum of experiences that have been made.

Quite early in life there was a longing to make sense of the big picture, to find out who I was in that and what the purpose of the entire play would be.

Meeting Isaac Shapiro in 2000 was the turning point. In the first Silent Retreat with him very gently the perspective shifted and the outlook on life changed. I still remember looking into the mirror and seeing myself with new eyes. 

Since then it is an ongoing process of exploration and profound integration. In the dance with my husband Florian Schlosser, who shares Meetings since 15 years, this deepening is lived on a daily basis. 

For a couple of years we have traveled the world and shared Meetings and Silent Retreats together, which we still do at times. Since 2008 I am also holding Meetings and Retreat alone, sometimes 'Ladies Meetings' sometimes mixed. Both has it's own special fragrance, both is beautiful. 

In April 2015 I will have successfully completed a 3-year training in Somatic Experiencing®. This gave me a deeper understanding for how we as humans function. My own process has lead me beyond engrained limitations and life is opening up to a so far unknown vitality and capacity to feel, sense and actively engage in life.

Whenever being with people I like to invite you to the same. Together we can meet what seems to be too big when we are alone. As pioneers we together explore into new ways of how to be in life and still be true to ourselves. 

That is my love and invitation.

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