How does consciousness embody in a woman? Sisters, let's explore being a free, curageous, fully alive goddesses.

It were the friends in Copenhagen, Denmark who asked me to be available for Ladies Meetings. That was in 2008 I believe.

We quickly became aware of the special fragrance that is around when there is a circle of women exploring in the same interest. From the very first Meeting on there was a field of trust and honesty, a willingness to be open and vulnerable and to hold each others hand in no matter what came up.

I personally feel, there is something particular to the Ladies-only Meetings. A certain dynamic, which plays out between men and women simply isn't there. We can resource each other and take a bath in pure female energy. Enriched in such a way we go back to our daily lifes, meeting our partner, family, friends and work differently. To experience the unique connection of sisterhood is a rare, but precious opportunity. 

In the past years quite a few Ladies-Meetings have taken place in Europe and the USA as well as Ladies Retreats on Mallorca, Spain. I am still happy to follow life's invitation to share those Meetings wherever it wants me to.

That is my love and invitation.


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