There is no way to 'stay home' as long as there is trauma and stress in our nervous system. Resting is a distant memory only in moments of agitation. 


In April 2015 I will have successfully completed a 3-year training in Somatic Experiencing®. SE is a powerful psychobiological method for addressing physical and emotional trauma, PTSD, overwhelm, and stress-related conditions. Knowing about consciousness and working with SE tools to me is incredibly effective and transformativ. My own process has lead me beyond engrained limitations and life is opening up to a so far unknown vitality and capacity to feel, sense and actively engage in life.

SE is a body-oriented approach, which enables the body to discharge unnecessary fear and stress energy. It helps the body to deal with traumatic experiences. If those experiences are incomplete, the body is left dysfunctional, which shows up as inappropriate reactions, confusion, disorientation and an inner sense of suffering. SE invites the system to come back to it's natural state: from dissociation to connection, from freeze to aliveness, from agitation to rest.

In a 1-to-1 setting we meet and give the body space to consciously experience without any interpretation, any story attached. Being present together in whatever shows up is one of the keys of the SE approach. Deep resting as well as tickling aliveness, balance and a beautiful capacity to sense one's own sensations become available and enjoyable.

I am available for SE sessions in my practice on Mallorca, Spain as well as over Skype.

Whenever being with people I like to invite the courage to look at the inner beauty as well as the abyss with utmost gentleness. Together we can meet what seems to be too big when we are alone. Willingness and honesty is all that is required. Not loosing our sense of humor helps. As pioneers we together explore into new ways of how to be in life and still be true to ourselves.

That is my love and invitation.


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