Being at home in the body. Realizing the beauty and wonder of it. Every single moment. Always here, always now.

My interest in bodywork started out at the age of 18 after having received a reflexology treatment. I remember how much I enjoyed the massage then and how much better I felt afterwards. It was one of those light bulb moments.

In the following years I was trained in various bodywork methods, like reflexology, Dorn-Breuss, lymphatic drainage, basics of cranio sacral and energy work as well as other tecniques. A strong interest in health, nutrition and the dynamics of psychosomatics broadened my aproach. Over the years this has developed into a unique style, now known as 'The Schlosser Bodywork'.

Blending all those different approaches, my work is grounded in a focus on resting and embodyment. The treatments support the physical body and nervous system to release cellular stress and relax into a growing sense of peace and safety. The more unresolved physiological distress is discharged, the more clarity is available for your individual process.

Making friends with what my body looks like, how it functions and how it feels - only then we can fully inhabit it and truly be here.

In case you are facing any health issues, those can be addressed. Especially reflexology offers great possibilities to work with any condition.

Deeply relaxing, the session is done on a table, with clothes on and is about one hour in duration. I am available for sessions in my practice on Mallorca, Spain and while traveling for Meetings and Retreats. Fell free to send an email to inquire:

'The Schlosser Bodywork' activates the body's inherent healing capacity and invites your system to ground and embody deeper. That enables us to meet unfamiliar places in ourselves and be more and more at peace with what is.

That is my love and invitation.

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